Summer Schedule


This is our remaining summer of fun schedule. Please note: More events may be added to this list, and some events are subject to change. Check this site often for updates/info.

Every Monday @ 2PM: Bible Study/Hang-out at the Joshua Cup (Beginning June 2nd) Whether we have a group of three, or twenty, we’ll be there every Monday!


21st-26th- CIY CONFERENCE. Payments are due! Please pay your remaining balance ASAP.

22nd- Middle School Girls Party: 6-9 PM. Swimming/Grilling Out at Emma Tyler’s house (1105 W. Cedar Ln). Please bring either a 2-liter drink or a bag of chips!

26th- Kutless/Andy Mineo concert in Crawfordsville. You will need to purchase your own ticket online for this event here: We will be meeting AT the concert (Sugar Creek Campgrounds).


3rd, 4th, and 5th- THE “EPIC FAIL” YOUTH CONFERENCE. 6-8 PM each night at the church. We’ll be having a guest band, guest speakers, a themed conference, prize give-aways, funny videos, games, snack bars, and more at this conference! One prize give-away each night: Whoever brings the most friends. Don’t miss this 3-night conference!

 Ask off work now so you can attend all 3 nights!!

17th- Day at the lake! Right after 2nd service, we’ll be going to Molly Day’s for some fun on the lake. We will have a cookout, along with some boating and swimming. This event will last until 5 PM.

OTHER NOTES: 1. Each small group will also be having activities as groups this summer. (Check with your small group leaders for info) 2. Other events will be added to the Summer of Fun schedule later on! 3. The summer is a great time to go through “The Purple Book” study for deeper discipleship (ask Tyler for details). 4. Please let Tyler know over the summer if you want to get together for spontaneous hang-outs!

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