CIY Points

If you earn 75 total points by June 15th, you will earn a $100 scholarship for CIY. You may still attend CIY if you don’t earn enough points, but you will have to pay full cost. (This means friends are also welcome to go with us to CIY if they sign up in time. They just won’t receive the scholarship help unless they also earn 75 points.)

-Attending youth group on Sunday nights: 2 points each time you attend.

-Attending Sunday School: 4 points each time you attend.

-Brothers Pizza Fundraiser- February 16th: 5 points

-Baby-sitting Fundraiser- February 28th: 5 points

-Any other fundraiser- 5 points

-Any service project with New Hope- 5 points

-Attend small group activities- 3 points each

-Attend youth group activities outside of youth group- 3 points each

-Work in Children’s Ministry on Sunday Morning: 2 Points Each

-Be a part of “Mission C’ville” in June: 10 points

-Bring a friend to any youth group or activity: 2 points each time.

-Memorize weekly Bible verses: 2 points each

-Actions towards our 2015 Vision: 2 points each
You will more than likely have to attend some Sunday School meetings to earn over 75 points. Point totals will be updated each month.

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