Youth Group Sermons

On this page you will find some video recaps of youth group lessons, as well as fully recorded audio lessons from past youth groups.





































Faith Series=
Part One- 

Platforms and Family Matters= 

“Making Disciples” Series: (Understanding the Gospel, Discipleship, and how to Evangelize)=
Part One= , Part Two= , Part Three=

The “Fine Print” Series: (People believe the Bible says a lot of things that it actually doesn’t.  People also ignore a lot that’s actually in there.  This series is a discussion of both.  There are some hard teachings for us to study, but we can’t shy away from them.)
Part One- (January 17th): Part Two- (January 24th): , Part Three- (January 31st):

Social Media Lesson: 

Spiritual Disciplines:  Part One (Fasting),.. Part Two (Solitude),.. Part Three (Confession)…  Part Four (Study and Service)

Character and Integrity Lesson: Audio lesson- May 17th

Dating Series: Part One (Relationship, Love, and Soul-mates), Part Two (Breakups and Singleness), Part Three (What to Look For/ The Roles of Marriage)

#Hashtags Series: Part One- Selfie Sunday,… Part Two- Transformation Tuesday,… Part Three- Throwback Thursday.

Contentment Lesson: Audio from 11-23-14

Fact or Crap? (Exposing the lies from the internet and world around us) Audio Lesson from 11-16-14

Questianity Series: Part One Audio(1.Why doesn’t God take away bad things in the world? 2. Is it ok to drink alcohol if you are 21? 3. What does the Bible say about demons/ghosts? 4. How were people saved before Jesus came?) Part Two Audio (1. Is all sin the same? 2. What does the Bible say about homosexuality? 3. Do pets go to heaven? 4. Can someone be saved if they don’t know God?) Part Three Audio ( 1. Are God and Jesus the same? 2. Are there any unforgivable sins? 3. Is it a sin to cuss in your head? 4. Do babies that die go to heaven? 5. Can you get baptized twice? 6. Do people who commit suicide automatically go to hell?)

Hunger and Thirst Games Series: Part One (Hunger/Thirst for God), Part Two (Living Water), Part Three (The Hungry men), Part Four (What are you hungry for?)

Keep the Gospel Message Simple: Aug. 24th Lesson

Understanding the Bible in Context: WORD sermon (April 27, 2014)

What It Means to be a Christian: Part One (March 23, 2014) , Part Two (March 30, 2014)

Epic Fail Conference Sermons: Night One (Cary Gephart): Night One- Cary Gephart, Night Two (Kaleb Smith):Night Two- Kaleb Smith, Night Three (Tyler Smith): Night Three- Tyler Smith

Easter Message:Easter Sermon

Understanding the World Religions vs. Christianity: Part 1- Atheism, Part 2- Islam Part 3 : Mormonism, Part 4 : eastern religions, Part 5: Judaism, Part 6: JehovahsWitness

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