Purple Book

At New Hope Christian Church, we believe in the importance of discipleship. “The Purple Book” is a wonderful opportunity for 1 on 1 discipleship, and we hope that everyone takes advantage of it!

At any point in time, our kids can go through “The Purple Book” with Tyler, or with another youth sponsor. They would meet with each other once a week for 12 weeks to go through this resource. Simply put, this book gives you a Biblical foundation for the Christian faith. It allows you to search through the Scriptures and find the answers that will give you the foundation that we all desperately need.

Also: Once a student goes through “The Purple Book” with Tyler or a youth sponsor, they are then eligible to lead “The Purple Book” for others… whether it be middle school students, or peers who would feel more comfortable going through it with their friends. Discipleship isn’t just about information, it’s about transformation. And we are ALL called to disciple others… not just those who are ministers.

We will also strongly encourage our new believers to go through this book as they begin their walks with God.

We have these books in the office, and you can purchase them for just 5 dollars. They are great resources, not only to go through with another person… but also to have for the rest of your life as you look back through it.

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